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King Reindeer Road Map

Jun 2021
Developing and publishing KRD’s strategy

1. Building a complete website.
2. Creating an ideal and public Whitepaper

Jul 2021
Social Network Announce

- Launching and publishing projects on social media platforms like: Twitter, Telegram, Facebook Discord, Subreddit (organize community competitions)

Jul 2021
Launch to Exchanges

1. Preparing the capacity profile and KRD on the website, LiveCoinWatch, StockTwits, Delta, Topcoinworld…
2. Developing and publishing KRD’s strategy, roadmap for development.
3. Opening Pre-sale on official website:
4. Organizing IDO on Exchange Swap

Quarter 3 - 2021
Crowdsale and Listing

1. Marketing to maintain community development and enhance the value, actively
2. Listing information to the stock market:,,, Delta,, …
3. Listed on the top centralized exchanges.
4. Increasing the number of KRD co-holds from transactions.
Researching and developing NFT projects, NFT exchange.
5. Implementing research and develop DEX / Swap / Farm platform.
6. Developing our Blockchain platform.

Quarter 1 - 2022 to 2026
KRD's Ecosystems Development

1. We plan to establish "Kingreindeer” - an independent organization of ecological and wildlife conservation.
2. Setting up Kingreindeer online office locations to facilitate activities that link the preservation of wild animal & the ecological environment.
3. Organizing and leading charity activities with other communities around the world.
4. Listing KRD on top 100 biggest decentralized exchanges.